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This is going to be the only installment that’s going to be at all worth looking at, I have no illusions about this, even though gott im himmel, the last one got FIVE notes!

Super Tramp is my invulnerability/martial arts tank, and I fucking love him.

Now even though martial arts isn’t really good for tanking because it has NO aoe to speak of aside from the one shitty attack, I picked it because the entire purpose of this character was to be sexy and make everyone else uncomfortable. So the martial arts attacks have a bunch of really high kicks that show a lot of leg, especially when your character isn’t wearing any pants.

I got really sick of seeing nothing but half naked female heroes running around, and I figured, you know what? Fuck it, I’m gonna make a half naked male hero and hopefully balance it out, and make all the assholes who make homophobic comments EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. It worked. 

Especially when I run up to people and do the Michael Jackson dance at them.

Even though he’s a satire character I kind of love this guy, and he’s the one I play dress up with the most, if the holiday post didn’t alert you to that fact already. And tanking is really fun, even if I’m not the best at it.

I actually decided on a back story for him, but I’m NEVER going to put it in his bio because his bio explains everything people need to know with, “He’s super, he’s sexy, what else matters? Certainly not pants.”

But his actual back story, if you care to know, is that the call for adventure came when he was in the middle of getting his costume tailored. He didn’t have his pants on yet, but there was a robbery, or a fire, or something going on near his vicinity and he couldn’t just wait for pants so he went out and did what heroes do and put a stop to it. Unfortunately a pantsless hero isn’t something people see every day, so obviously everyone took pictures and he quickly became known as “That tank without pants” and when he went back to finish his costume, his tailor went, “Nope, no, it’s too iconic now, this is your trademark, we have to work with it, sorry Tramp, but no pants for you.” So now he just kinda rolls with it and is like, “Fine, but if I can’t have pants, I”m gonna be dead sexy, alright?” and has embraced his image.

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